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Valid from March 2017

All Bookings with Happy Man and Van Ltd., are Subject to These Terms of Business which by booking with Happy Man and Van Ltd., is acceptance of these terms of Business.

Introduction to our charges:

Happy Man and Van Ltd., charges are always associated with our actual costs. We do not charge separately for mileage, as we think this can be confusing, and we want you to be one of our many Happy Customers! – and we look forward to helping you move your things, time and time again, for years ahead.

We simply charge one hourly rate, starting from when we leave our home base address, until we return to our base address. This is where we begin to incur our costs. e.g. Van’s wear and tear – Fuel - Drivers Wages - Road Taxes - Goods in Transit & other Insurances, and Employers Liability/Public Liability.

We think this is a fair and an honest Pricing Policy. From the start, you will know exactly what your costs will be for our friendly Man and Van Service, based upon hours worked by our drivers and porters.

We use Google Maps to calculate our expected journey times, so that you can easily check our estimated prices using Google Maps, at any time, for your convenience. If our drivers experience traffic delays, we always absorb these extra costs ourselves. We do not charge extra travel times due to unavoidable traffic holdups.


We appreciate any tips given to our dedicated drivers, and guarantee that they are always shared 100% between the driver and driver’s assistants that you want to give a tip to in cash to convey your appreciation of an excellent service. Of course, a tip is non-refundable.

Round Trip Basis:

In an ideal world, we would be able to book your move weeks in advance so that we can arrange a “backload” for the return trip to our base address. In practice in today’s busy world we do not have this privilege, and it is highly unlikely.

We will inevitably, incur all the same costs of fuel, driver’s wages etc., as we did whilst moving your things for you. We at Happy Man and Van Ltd., aim to keep our hourly rates down to a very low competitive rate, firstly for the journey to your address, then to your delivery address or new home, and finally back to our base address. These calculations will almost always save you money over our competitors, who charge on a mileage basis, plus other extras; We think this method of charging is very fair, as we cannot just pick up another fare like a London Taxi cab would do. We must drive back to our base address in an empty van, and incur the associated fuel costs, and driver wages.


Our prices include Fuel costs, Goods in Transit Insurance cover up to £5000, and our mileage costs.

Any individual item over the value of £500 must be declared to us, otherwise Happy Man and Van Ltd. Goods in Transit Risk, is limited to the replacement value, as determined by an average value we can obtain a replacement of the lost, stolen, or damaged goods. In any event, Happy Man and Van Ltd. limits its liability to £5000 for total loss, in the unlikely event that this occurs, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


When we supply you with a written (or by email) estimated price, this is the minimum, and is our best calculation of the time it will take to complete your house/flat move. This is based on information provided by you. If we only have basic information e.g. “3-bedroom house move” then we will provide an estimate based on average times taken on previous moves of a similar nature. If we have a full inventory list of everything that you want us to move, then we will give a more accurate loading and unloading estimate. Please consider that we do not provide quotes, we provide estimates only. This means, that we have calculated what we believe to be the best price we can offer, based upon our years of experience.

Estimate Variations:

All Estimates will be adjusted downwards, if we can complete your move in less time than estimated. Equally all estimates will be increased in value if we take longer than estimated, due to reasons beyond our control. These variations include such events as more items to move than originally advised to us. Items that are heavier than expected, and require us to make extra journeys, so that we are able to comply with legal vehicle weight traffic laws.

Of course, there are other factors that may affect our loading times, for example if you live in a flat, where a lift or numerous flights of stairs are involved. Sometimes we may not be allowed to park near your front door, and we must carry your furniture along a pathway.

All extra hours taken on the day for loading/unloading or waiting times, are charged extra at our normal hourly rate to the nearest half an hour. We do not charge in whole hours after the first hour.

Payment Terms

Payment due in cash immediately upon completion of your move. We are happy to accept Visa, MasterCard & PayPal. If you choose this method of payment, then a deposit of 50% is required 24 hours before your move. All these terms and conditions apply to all Customer Orders always without exception. Acceptance of an order is acceptance of these Terms and Conditions as stated herein.

Our Invoices are submitted by email only, through our secure online Accounting System, and contain a convenient “button” to make payment using a Credit or Debit Card (Visa or MasterCard) online or by calling our offices, during office hours, to make a payment on the telephone. Our drivers retain the right to refuse to unload the vehicle unless payment in full has been made.


When you book any of our Removal Services, we may sometimes ask for a deposit if our journey is above ten miles, from our nearest van depot. This is to guarantee our service to you. However, should you cancel the service after paying your deposit within 24 Hours of the day and time booked, then our cancellation charges, shall be deemed to be equal to the deposit.

Assembly/Disassembly of Your Furniture:

If you ask us to dismantle and or re-assemble your furniture items, we will do so, only on the understanding that we are not responsible for any damage that may occur.

We always make every effort to avoid damage, but by the nature of some items such as flat-pack furniture they are not always serviceable after numerous dismantling, and unavoidable damages can occur.

Breakages and Damages:

Packing is undertaken by you our Customer on the understanding that no responsibility, or liability, is accepted for breakages during loading, transport, or unloading. We always take the utmost care, and attention with your possessions as if they were our own. What’s more we always recommend that fragile items are bubble wrapped, and then placed in a strong box, and sealed securely. It is a fact that all vans have harder suspension than family cars, and therefore loose crockery, or china will be damaged unless packed properly. All Furniture should be protected again by suitable covers, and these are easily available online. Failure to do this cannot be compensated for. We always try and help our Customers, and should you wish to start a formal complaints procedure please print our Complaints_Form.pdf and post it to our Registered Offices.

Contact your existing Insurers:

You are advised to check with your existing home Insurance Company as some 81% of Insurers in the UK, do already include cover for your furniture, and other possessions. Those that do not include moving cover, do often offer a low cost extra cover to your existing Policy, (typically £30 or so) so that you are covered during the time that your things leave your old home, during transit, and onwards to your move into your new home.

For your convenience, a separate Insurance Policy can often be obtained online at the following link: